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Admitted Student Agenda 2017

(15-20 minutes of library, 10 minutes of ITS, 20 minutes of questions)

  • Video
  • The University Library:
    • Do you use a library now?
    • What do you use it for?
    • What resources do we have?
  • College Myths
    • College is about being independent
      • Ask a librarian
    • Everything is online so it isn’t necessary to go to the library
      • over 400,000 volumes
      • DVDs, magazines, popular reading books, audiobooks
    • You only need a reference librarian if you get stuck in your research
  • Library resources:
    • Speaking Center
    • Writing Workshop
    • Tutoring
    • 24/7 space
    • No Fines
  • Websites:
  • Cowles Library Tour
    • 2-3pm

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