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Directions and Screenshots for Guest Access to Wireless

Are you a visitor to Cowles Library or the Drake Campus? Need instructions on how to connect to the “Guest” wireless? Find them below!


1, Connect to the network “DUGuest” from your computer or tablet.  This screen displays:


2) Visitor should choose “Register as Guest”

The following screens display:




3) You’ll note you can get your registration code (PIN) by email or text message.

4) Once you get your code, enter it on the last screen:


It should log you in very rapidly.

Professor Koch Speaks on the CI-CCI Print Retention Project

Koch_PAN_013015 Professor Teri Koch spoke to the Print Archive Network (PAN) forum at the American Library Association Midwinter meeting in Chicago on January 30, 2015. Her presentation reflected the ground-breaking work occurring in the Central Iowa Collaborative Collections Initiative.

In 2013 five libraries from Central Iowa formed a collaborative called the Central Iowa Collaborative Collections Initiative (CI-CCI). The goals of the collaborative are to reduce duplication among our respective collections, to create and maintain a shared collection, to coordinate acquisitions, and to establish additional areas of collaboration (such as technology, etc.).

We will soon be entering the second year of our collaboration, and we have made substantial progress towards these goals. In order to reduce duplication among our collections we needed to verify that the titles that are eligible for withdrawal have been assigned to at least one institution and have been verified as available and in good condition for loaning. We are just completing that work. The second phase of the collaboration relates to shared collection development. The group is exploring sharing a common vendor to facilitate that process.

Additionally, we are extremely excited to announce that the University of Northern Iowa has joined CI-CCI as the 6th member of the group (they joined in November 2014). The addition of UNI will significantly increase the size of the shared collection, thus providing faculty and students with a greater depth of materials to draw upon for their research.

View the presentation here.

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