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New mobile feature for SuperSearch

Last year, EBSCO provided a mobile interface for SuperSearch that automatically loads when you access SuperSearch from your mobile device. This was a vast improvement over the “mobile-friendly” display that was previously available.

Last week, EBSCO extended this functionality to all devices by providing a “Mobile Site” link at the bottom of every SuperSearch page:

SuperSearch Mobile Site link

Now you can view the mobile version of SuperSearch from your desktop or tablet, but why would you want to? Well, during periods when your desktop’s network connection is noticeably slower, you might consider temporarily switching to the more lightweight mobile interface for faster load times.

Also, the iPad (and some other tablets) are not recognized as mobile devices by SuperSearch, but the mobile display tends to look–and function–better on those smaller screens. You can see an example of the difference below:

SuperSearch full view

SuperSearch Full view

SuperSearch Mobile view

SuperSearch Mobile view

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