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JoVE Biology (and JoVE Neurology) 2017

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Starting an experiment can be a confusing and frustrating task because sometimes we don’t know how to start it or how to build the steps. Thankfully JoVE Biology can help you replicate and build experiments with visual aids. JoVE Biology is an online, peer-reviewed resource focusing on general biological research presented using videos.

Along with over 1,500 peer-reviewed videos, JoVE Biology also provides you with a PDF of experimental techniques, references, and lists of materials used in the experiment. A bonus is that you can access this material using MEDLINE.

In terms of content, JoVE Biology provides you with general biology research methodologies, including cell, molecular, and organismal biology. It includes, but is not limited to, techniques in physical biology, cellular biochemistry, genetics, physiology, systems biology and a combination of eukaryotic and prokaryotic model systems.

In addition to the biology resources, Cowles Library also provides you with access to JoVE Neuroscience. You can differentiate between them by looking for a blue-colored “B” or a green-colored “N” in the upper-right corner of the page. You can use the search tools on the left side of the screen to search one at a time or both at once.

Here is an example of an article from the database: 

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