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All-University Book Club

Drake University’s staff, in collaboration with Cowles Library, announce a “pilot run” of an All-University Book Club! The purposes of this book club are simple: Encourage reading for the sake of reading, and increase conversation among faculty, staff, and students across campus through the medium of books!

Cowles Library has eleven copies (hint: Ask for the book on reserve for Library 301)¬†available for “The Kind Worth Killing,” a well-reviewed 2015 mystery that will be our first book. Details are in the flyer that follows (click here for a print-friendly version); the book is available in audio format from, at various DM-area Public Libraries, and Amazon, in addition to the Cowles Library copies.

So, read the book and let Sara Heijerman know about your interest in discussing; the face-to-face discussion sessions will be in January (with the possibility of more than one, if there is enough interest), so happy reading!


The Kind Worth Killing

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