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New Series In Ambrose Digital Streaming Video

11 new series comprising 57 videos have just been added to the Ambrose Digital Streaming Video database available to Drake through Cowles Library.

Nine of the new series are from BioMEDIA ASSOCIATES LLC  which produces and distributes instructional life sciences multimedia that captures the diversity and intrigue of the living world.  Their programs engage viewers  with compelling images, revealing video sequences, concise narrations, and effective instructional design that supports learning.  BioMEDIA programs feature new techniques of microscopy, animation, and photography to reveal the structure, process, and behavior of living things.  The new series (and number of videos) are

The Biology Classics (1)
Branches on the Tree of Life (16)
The Domains of Life (1)
Hiddent Biodiversity (9)
Inside the Living Cell (5)
Life in Aquatic Environments (3)
Termites: The Secret Queens of the Woodlands (1)
Visualizing Cell Processes (5)
Visualizing Human Physiology (1)

In addition, two older series have also been added. They are:

Bill Moyer’s Healing and the Mind (5)
Ten Who Dared (10)

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