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CBPA Faculty Presentation – Dec 2014 – Gilbert

A list of pointers to various items referenced:

1) MPA Capstones: First submission:

2) Cabell’s

3) Statistics Resources

4) NYTimes: Possible campus-wide subscription

5) Textbooks: Alternatives

6) “Watch-listed” journals: 

7) Position Review process within Cowles

8) BONUS #1: One other VERY positive thing: Tutoring Services for Writing and Speaking are now all located on the ground floor of the Library! Students (and faculty and staff!) may reserve the Speaking practice area and capture their presentation for later review. And the Writing Workshop welcomes referrals from your students! Details (including links to online registration) about the Speaking Center are here: and details about the Writing Workshop (including registration) are here:

9) BONUS #2: As always, encourage your students to stop by for help, OR they can schedule a session with a librarian that would suit their schedule!

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