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SuperSearch Changes Coming

EBSCO will be making a number of interface enhancements to SuperSearch and EBSCOhost databases at the end of October (on or after Oct. 29th), and they’ve given us a preview. Many of these changes were driven by users asking EBSCO to simplify the results display and make more results available on the first screen.

Click on the image to the right for a larger view of the following:
SuperSearch & EBSCOhost enhancements

  1. “Add a Row” has been replaced with +/-.
  2. Number of records returned by the search appears directly above the Results List; page navigation relocated to the bottom below the results.
  3. The “Preview” and “Folder” icons move to align together to the right side of the column, maintaining a consistent location. Publication type icons now appear below the title.
  4. Expand/Collapse controls move to the outside corners (includes right column).
  5. Catalog and institutional repository links now appear in the Full Text link area.
  6. Publisher names will be displayed, in lieu of Source.

In addition, and not necessarily shown in the preview image:

  • Updated styling, including the font, allows for additional display space.
  • Selecting a Limiter, such as Full Text, will immediately update the Results List without the need to click an “Update” button.
  • Preview hover is now centered inside the screen.
  • Addition of access to relevant eBook pages from the Search Results list for titles in your collection.

Access to SuperSearch and EBSCOhost databases will not be interrupted during the upgrade.

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